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CAS Aviation is a product configuration management software for the aviation industry. With the modular CAS Configurator Merlin product configurator, companies from the aviation industry can easily deal with a large amount of variants in their aircraft products. 

CAS Aviation supports your company in streamlining your sales, after-sales and engineering processes. 

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CAS Configurator Merlin is highly flexible, so modules can be added when needed: We create your personal Aviation product configurator to exactly match your business needs. Using our longtime experience, we combine best practices with the right modules for you and customize them to your requirements. 

Aviation Suite

CAS Aviation Suite is designed to improve sales processes in the aviation industry. By capturing all dependencies between the product modules and services, our configurator helps to link all aspects of your sales and after-sales processes. This leads to a significant increase in overall efficiency.  

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CAS Aviation Suite addresses a wide variety of needs common to the aviation industry, such as establishing assemble-to-order processes, efficient after-sales processes and formalization of product knowledge.

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Our methodology is a smart blend of consulting, prototyping and tailor-made industrial configuration solutions.

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